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My Supporters: What Information do I get?
My Supporters: What Information do I get?
Written by StartSomeGood Team
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At any time, you can download a .csv file with the following information about your donors:

  • Date and Time of Pledge

  • Donor's Name, as they listed when the made their pledge.

  • Donor's email address, as listed when they made their pledge.

  • Pledge Amount

  • Reward Selected

After your successful campaign when payments have been processed, your .csv file will include the following addtional information:

  • Payment Processor Used: PayPal or Stripe

  • Status of their Payment

To download the .csv file, log into StartSomeGood and click on the title of your live campaign in the dropdown menu under the icon in the top right corner. Above the list of the donors, you'll see the following:

Please note: We do not require donors to share their mailing address when they register. To collect this information after your campaign ends successfully, consider using Google Forms.

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