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Can I support my own campaign?
Can I support my own campaign?
Written by StartSomeGood Team
Updated over a week ago

No. Not only does doing so risk tearing a hole in the time-space continuum, any pledges where the name on the supporter's PayPal account and the name on the venture's PayPal account are the same might cause PayPal to flag your project's account, making it impossible to receive or withdraw funds. After all, money laundering is not cool. Even more worrying - PayPal might not detect these dodgy payments until after your campaign has reached its deadline, at which point it may suspend your account, leaving you high and dry with no access to your hard-won pledges.

If you choose to use Stripe to get around the finicky PayPal rules, you risk running into legal issues in your country around money laundering.

The moral of the story: please don't try to pledge support to your own campaign.

If you or anyone who is listed as a team member on the project attempts to donate using the same email account as listed within project on StartSomeGood, they'll receive an error message.

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