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Choosing the Right Project (All-or-Nothing vs Ongoing Projects)
Choosing the Right Project (All-or-Nothing vs Ongoing Projects)

Not sure which project type is right for you? Read this

Written by StartSomeGood Team
Updated over a week ago

On StartSomeGood, we offer two distinct project types - All or Nothing and Ongoing Crowdfunding.

Choosing the right project type for your campaign will depend on whether your funding goal, and needs.

All-or-Nothing projects have a specific end date and a set fundraising goal. They are best for a specific project with a defined amount of money needed. With All-Or-Nothing projects, you will only receive the funds raised if you reach your fundraising goal. This is best for launching a project, piloting a product or service, and filling a funding gap.

Ongoing Projects collect funds for your project monthly, and support sustainable funding. Supporters will pledge a certain amount of money which will be charged on a monthly basis. This is best for projects with a recurring impact, including membership organisations, subscription products, ongoing media projects and community organisations looking for ongoing support.

Not sure on which project type is best for you? Reach out to our Support Team at [email protected] and we can help you decide.

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