Ongoing Project Rewards
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When setting up rewards for ongoing campaigns, it’s important to think about your community, when you want to send rewards and what rewards are sustainable to you as a campaign creator.


Factor in the service or program you are providing through your campaign into your rewards. Think about the interests of your donors who will be subscribing to your campaign.

If you are creating a video series, you may provide access to the series as a standard level reward, behind the scenes video content for donors at a higher level and a catch up with the director at the highest level.


Consider the timing of your rewards. Do you want to provide a reward each month, or after a specific period of time, or both? We find that monthly rewards work best for ongoing campaigns, but rewarding your supporters loyalty every few months can go a long way.

If you were running an ongoing project for your community garden, you may send them a packet of seeds every month, and invite them to a cooking class after supporting your project for six months.


Make sure that your rewards are sustainable for your budget and impact. At the end of the day, your campaign aims to raise funds for you and your positive impact - not create additional work and limit your funds.

Sending a new t-shirt every month to 30 donors may not be feasible for you, but maybe sending a t-shirt to your donors after six months of supporting your campaign is.

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