What are your fees?
Written by StartSomeGood Team
Updated over a week ago

Submitting and launching a project is completely free. If your project reaches its funding goal, StartSomeGood charges a 5% service fee on all pledges that are successfully processed. As a project creator, you can choose to pay this fee yourself, or you may pass the fee on to your donors. For example, if you receive a pledge of $100 and choose to pay the service fee yourself, StartSomeGood will keep $5, leaving you with $95. If you choose to pass the fee on to your donors, a donor pledging $100 will pay an additional $5 service fee for a total charge of $105, leaving you with $100. Note that you (the project creator) will also pay a fee to payment processing provider Stripe in either case. Stripe's fees are very competitive and you can find the details at stripe.com/pricing.

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